Everything you need to know about Wall Hang

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Everything you need to know about Wall Hang

In recent years, wall hung toilets have become increasingly popular. If you are looking to choose a new toilet for your home bathroom, you may be interested in knowing more about this toilet model. So follow this article until the end.

What is the wall hang and what are its advantages?

The wall hung toilet is actually a type of toilet that is installed on the wall and its tank and facilities are placed inside the wall.

This toilet model is an excellent choice for modern and stylish bathrooms, and due to its distance from the ground, it is easy to clean the space underneath. On the other hand, because there is no contact between the toilet and the ground, the risk of bacteria accumulation and contamination is reduced.

Wallhang toilet is the best option for small bathrooms due to the small space it occupies. Another advantage of this toilet is the possibility of adjusting its installation height.


wall hung


Ideal height for installing a wall hung toilet

In general, the ideal installation height for this type of toilet is considered from the floor to the edge of the toilet wash basin. The wall hung toilet should be between 35 and 48 cm from the ground. This height is proportional to the average height of people in order to sit. It should be noted that this height can be changed according to the height of family members and the toilet can be installed at the desired height.

Wall hung or floor toilet?

The truth is that the choice between a wall hung and a floor toilet depends on various factors. According to the needs and the available space in your home bathroom, you can make a suitable choice.

But it is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the height of the toilet installation is adjustable, and this issue is especially important for the elderly and disabled. Also, wall hung toilets are more modern and minimal and occupy less space in the bathroom. The only problem of these toilets is that due to the fact that the flush tank of the toilet is hidden inside the wall, it will be difficult to access the toilet installation for repair.

Regarding ground toilets, it can be said that the components of these toilets are visible and accessible, which makes it possible to easily repair or replace these components if the toilet parts are damaged.

Toilet or wall hung



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