Introduction of coating

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Introduction of coating

Introduction of coating

Coating is a process that is applied to the surface of an object. The purpose of this process can be to decorate the surfaces or to increase the resistance against abrasion and scratches. The coating process is used in different thicknesses for a wide range of objects. This process uses different techniques such as: Vacuum Plating, immersion, penetration, etc. is applied on various surfaces Among the various methods used for surface coating, the vacuum plating method is more popular due to its many advantages. Therefore, we have examined the advantages of this method.


Advantages of using vacuum plating coating:

Among the advantages of coating using the vacuum plating method, the following can be mentioned:

  • This process does not cause any harm to the environment in terms of producing harmful and chemical waste.
  • It is possible to produce products in various designs and colors with high brightness.
  • It is possible to produce products in various designs and colors with high brightness.
  • It is easy to clean the surfaces covered with this method from any stains and contamination.


Sanitary porcelain coating:

Coating of sanitary porcelain is a protective coating method. This process covers various surfaces such as toilets, Iranian toilets, etc.and protects them from risks such as scratches and abrasions, and at the same time gives a shiny and clean appearance to the mentioned surfaces.

In the Luxcabin factory, surfaces such as wash basin, toilet, Iranian toilet, wall hangs, etc. are covered using the mentioned process. The coating process of all the mentioned products is done using the vacuum plating method in more than 20 different designs.

Sanitary porcelain coating

All the products of this factory have a very high quality, and in order to ensure the quality of coated products, destructive tests are performed on these products step by step. It should be noted that all coating products of the Luxcabin factory have a 5-year warranty. We at Luxkabin are proud to not only manufacture coating products in this factory, but we are also able to provide coating services to our dear customers across the country.

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