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Lux Cabin started its production in 2009 and with the implementation of the development plan in 1397 in Bu Ali Industrial Town of Hamedan, the first phase of development was established and launched. With the investment and management of Engineer Masoud Sepehri and the use of skilled personnel, this group now produces products with the highest quality and using the latest machinery and the highest quality raw materials available, and with the Lux Cabin brand to domestic and foreign markets ( Such as Iraq, Pakistan, Georgia, Oman, etc.)
Products of Paya Sepehr Alvand Company with Lux Cabin brand in several phases, including
The following is:
1- Manufacturing and producing all kinds of waterproof and modern Bathroom Cabinets with the Lux Cabin brand.
2- Production of all types of quartz washbasins with exclusive designs of Lux Cabin brand.
3- Production of various polymer bases for the general use of cabinet makers and carpenters.
4- Production of various types of polymer mirror frames for the general use of cabinet makers and carpenters.
5- Production of patterned PVC sheets (embus) for general use by cabinet makers.
6- Coating of sanitary ware, including One Piece Closet, Iranian toilets and Wash Basin.
7- Production of cartons for packaging products and production of various types of mirror cups.
Lux Cabin mass-produces its products with dynamism, originality, expertise and using production processes that mean quality and innovation, in order to satisfy the representatives and esteemed customers to offer a wide range of its products.