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23Sep2023|29: 18

Smart mirrors are one of the important parts of vanity cabinets. This model of mirrors, using new technologies, provide facilities that are beyond the capabilities of a normal mirror. The most prominent technologies used in making this model of mirrors are:


Smart mirrors

Anti-steam technology:

When using hot water, this technology drains the steam to the outside of the mirror and prevents it from blurring. In fact, the anti-steam technology uses a heating system to increase the temperature on the surface of the mirror and thus prevents the formation of steam and fog on the surface of the mirror.


Anti-fog technology in smart mirrors

Lighting technology:

Some smart mirrors have lighting features that they can have a great effect on the beauty and attractiveness of the space. Smart mirrors with lighting capabilities use LED technology or electronic lighting. This lighting system is usually placed on the edges around the mirror and is activated using a touch key.


Lighting technology in smart mirrors

The Advantages of smart mirrors: Advantages of using anti-fog smart mirrors

Having many advantages, anti-steam smart mirrors offer users a different experience in using mirrors in indoor spaces. Among the advantages of using anti-fog smart mirrors, the following can be mentioned:

  • easy usage Smart mirrors allow users to easily work with this model of mirrors using a touch key.
  • Maintaining of image transparency By preventing the formation of steam on the surface of the mirror, these mirrors contribute to the Mirror transparency and clarity for a long time.
  • Long life of mirror: These types of mirrors are designed to be used in humid environments, therefore they have high durability and long life against moisture and water vapor. Also, this feature reduces related costs of mirror replacement and side repairs.
  • possibility of using in special places This model of mirrors is especially useful in bathrooms and places where there is a possibility of steam accumulation.

In general, smart mirrors are more popular due to having more advanced features than regular mirrors. These mirrors are also used in smart buildings due to the mentioned advantages.

In the Luxcabin factory, we have used smart mirrors that are equipped with facilities such as anti-steam heaters and lighting in the manufacture and production of our vanity cabinet products. In Luxcabin brand backlight mirrors, it is possible to increase and decrease the mirror light using touch keys and motion sensors for easy using In addition to the mentioned items, the distinguishing feature of Luxcabin smart mirrors with other similar examples is the voltage of the input current used in these mirrors In Luxcabin mirrors, using a current rectifier transformer, the voltage of the mains electricity is reduced from 220 V to 12 V and the risk of electric shock is completely avoided

The comfort of users in using the products of this factory is our top priority


The Advantages of smart mirrors:

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